To all that know me truly understand I’ve struggled for some time to figure out what my purpose in life is. I’ve done it all from trying to play in the NFL, to being a merchandiser, to getting on the road and being a truck driver. Not to mention doing security which led me to become a part promoter. Then I decided why not OWN the bar so I did. That was cool for a while but it still wasn’t fulfilling to me. So then I figured let me try my hand at being a teacher so I did. In my time of teaching I started to realize that I’ve been doing things all wrong. The connection that I had with those children was something I couldn’t explain and in that moment I decided that I was going to stop living for the moment and start living in purpose. So today I am following my dream and what I feel God called me to do and that’s take a chance on the youth and guide them to find their purpose take a chance on them like some very great men decided to do for me. I want to introduce you to the 3Uncles Foundation Mentoring and Youth Program. I decided on the name 3Uncles because when I was younger I had three great men in my life my Uncles Lorenzo, Dwayne, and Hartman Wilkins. These men worked hard so I could become a productive young man. These men invested in me, gave me hope, showed me love, taught me respect, gave me a solid education and most importantly gave me a sense of self-worth. So to pay them homage I want to give our youth the same kind of chance I was given. So with that being said “IT’S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITY”